Mens Shearling Leather Jackets

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Sheepskin Shearling Leather Jackets for Men

Everything is susceptible to change except the love of fashion in the heart of a man. Fancy attire attracts the eye of every man and what better way to attract attention than a sheepskin jacket! Sheepskin jackets come in two different types namely slink and shearling. Slink jackets are those made out of the skin of a lamb and shearling jackets are the ones made of the skin of a sheep older than the age of one year. Sheepskin jackets have been around since the rise of society ever since Man figured out that mammals can be both eaten and worn. Used for jackets in World War II, this war gear has now made a permanent place in the world of fashion and seems to be going nowhere. Sheepskin coats first emerged in the shape of Aviator jackets and Bomber jackets which have brought forth the perfect fashion staple known as the B3 Bomber.

Style All You Want, Sheepskin Jackets Do It All

Wearing a sheepskin jacket is a splendid choice for the winter season as this jacket seems a bit lightweight but that’s all there is to it being lightweight. This jacket is the perfect way to protect yourself from the cold harsh weather of January. The shearling on the inside and the perfect looks on the outside, a sheepskin jacket can be worn with nearly any type of outfit to all sorts of occasions. The versatility and ability to fit in is quite the quality which makes everyone love this piece of outerwear. Styling an outfit with sheepskin jackets is quite easy due to the variety of styles this jacket proposes. If in search of a casual look for your everyday run, choose a black sheepskin bomber jacket and pair it along with either a turtleneck or round-neck t-shirt with skinny jeans and a pair of boots underneath. Sheepskin jackets not only work great casually but their way of transforming a formal look to something impressive is unmatched by any other piece of outerwear. A more formal look for a meeting in the office or maybe a lunch with a business associate would require something a bit more sophisticated as well. A brown sheepskin aviator jacket would be perfect with a button-down shirt, a pair of cotton pants and formal shoes underneath. This outfit is the perfect first impression to make where it matters the most. However, if not taken care of, these jackets can take a turn for the worst.

Caring For Your Loved Ones

Sheepskin jackets come along with a hefty price tag and everyone is aware of it but what this price tag brings along is seldom seen by everyone. Sheepskin jackets are once in a lifetime investment and are maintained and cared for properly, they can last for decades to come as this material is one of the sturdies leathers ever to make an appearance in the world of fashion. Improper care can ruin the texture and shine of a jacket which is why regular and proper care is recommended for a sheepskin jacket. Taking care of these jackets is fairly easy as only a few and simple steps are to be followed to keep your sheepskin jacket looking fresh and splendid. Using a damp cloth to clean the leather after each wear is highly encouraged as all the dust and grime are the enemy of sheepskin. Using water directly to clean is also discouraged as it may leave marks and stains on the leather. Applying a leather conditioner after every wear is highly recommended as the elements in the weather tend to affect the shine of the leather and the conditioner will ensure that the jacket looks good as new for a very long time. Always waterproof the jacket before wearing it outside in the rain. Lambskin needs to be waterproofed before wearing. Applying a few coats of silicon-free water protector is highly recommended to keep the sheepskin safe from water marks. If the jacket gets scratched or stained, seek professional help from a leather expert as the jacket may need professional restoration.