Men's B3 Bomber Shearling Jackets

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B3 Bomber Jackets for Men

B3 bomber jackets have been around for nearly a century and have remained a fashion staple ever since giving a push to the style and looks of many men around the world. Like many other classy pieces of outerwear, the origin of this jacket is considered rather grim. Along with Aviator jackets, Bomber jackets were originally made for pilots of the RAF and the US Air Force pilots in the World War II to keep them warm in high altitudes of the sky in unpressurized cabins. The cold atmosphere up in the sky was unbearable for a normal human and these jackets were then used to keep the pilots warm and comfortable in the skies.


B3 bombers are made mainly of sheepskin and have shearling lined inside of them. They have piping of leather strips to mark out the curves and details of the jackets and have two pockets at the waist that completely capture the essence of World War II when these jackets were originally worn by pilots meant to go 20,000 feet or higher up into the sky! Usually, these jackets come with a small pocket on the sleeve with a pen holder to offer storage for small notebooks or bits of paper to take notes of something important as the pilots of war did while flying up in the sky. This pocket was essential for those pilots as their flight plan and other important documents could be stored in that pocket quite easily and is highly accessible. Today, the characteristics of clothing that were first applied to military jackets that were given to personnel in the first half of the 20th century are referred to as "bomber" or "flight" jackets. Even though the original bomber jacket was made to keep the wearer warm in very cold weather, most modern bomber jackets still have many of the features that made them so popular in the first place. Typically, the jacket is made of leather, sheepskin, or silk. The coat has elasticized sleeves and trim, is midriff length, and can be shut with a zipper or fastens. For additional protection, the collar can be flipped up and tied around the neck.


A B3 Bomber jacket for men can be styled in various ways. The B3 bomber aviator shearling leather jacket's stunning design speaks for itself, and overdoing it would negate the jacket's essence. Put on a basic t-shirt with an oval or V-neck neck and pair it with jeans that are ripped or worn out to keep the look casual. This outfit can also be worn to work on days when one doesn’t feel like working hard. Button-down shirts are by a wide margin the most well-known. As it can be worn in a variety of different ways, it has become an essential part of everyone's wardrobe. On the other hand, this jacket surpasses all others in elegance and class. Additionally, all you need for this ensemble is a straightforward button-down top if you really want to go all out. This men's b3 hooded bomber jacket looks great with all sorts of outfits. Wear a white shirt with an orange bomber jacket and skip the black chinos. When going on a lunch date with a significant other and want to impress, don this sophisticated outfit and look the absolute best.