Women's Shearling Coats

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Shearling Sheepskin Coats for Women 

  Jackets and vests are the main attraction of the winter season. Everyone enjoys wearing stylish and fashionable jackets pairing their outfits with them to all sorts of events and occasions. It all looks good and seems like fun and games till the real cold season comes around. That is when shearling coats come into the picture, completely dominating the wardrobes of everybody. Shearling coats are majorly made up of sheepskin due to their ability to keep the wearer from all the weather elements on the outside. Shearling sheepskin coats for women are quite famous in non-tropical areas as everyone has one favorite coat, they keep around for every year.    


  Shearling sheepskin coats are incredibly trendy and upscale. They were first a luxury only available to the upper-class of the society until World War II. Shearling coats are the epitome of style and suaveness. Nothing goes above the looks and vibes the shearling coats give off, enhancing the outlook of the wearer. Choosing the perfect outfit for women is quite the task as they have problems choosing the right outfit for themselves. The shearling sheepskin coats are a wonderful addition to any given outfit as they are perfect for all occasions. For a formal event, the shearling coat can be paired with a brown Shearling coat alongside a thick light colored crewneck sweater, and then finish off the look with a black wool skirt, black tights, and brown loafers for the perfect look to a formal event, keeping the cold away.    For a more casual and laid-back look, pair a black shearling sheepskin coat for women with a t-shirt, a flannel shirt, cargo pants underneath, paired with Ugg boots, and a brown leather handbag to top it all off. This outfit is enough to survive the harsh winter weather while one parties with friends, goes out for a lunch for some quality time, or maybe just to grab some groceries from the nearest grocery store.   

Taking Care of Shearling Coat 

  For the care of sheepskin garments, two products are highly recommended. Spray the leather with a rain and stain shield made for leather. A non-silicone formula designed specifically for sheepskin will be used in the formulation of the specialized repellents. It will shield the jacket from water spotting and will assist in resisting soiling. To clean the shearling, using a gentle cleanser is highly recommended. Typical hair cleanser is also great. Using a rag and cool water, hand blot the area to be cleaned. Do not soak all the way through the leather as it may cause damage. Hand-blot any excess moisture with a towel after a careful rinse.     The intense heat from hair dryers, fireplaces, or heat registers will evaporate the natural oils from the leather, which results in dry, and damaged leather. Allow shearling to air dry away from direct sunlight. When the wool is almost dry, brush it to fluff it up. When cleaning a sheepskin jacket, the most important thing to remember is to clean the spot or stain as soon as it occurs rather than letting it set. a trip to the dry cleaners can be put off by doing this. A person who specializes in leather and/or furs should dry clean a shearling jacket when it becomes overall soiled. Make sure to inquire about the dry cleaner's expertise with sheepskin, and/or leather. If the sheepskin coat ever gets very wet, always dry it slowly and avoid putting it in direct heat. Use a suede sponge or brush to get rid of water spots after it has completely dried.