G-1 Bomber Jackets

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G1 Leather Jacket for Men 

  G1 Bomber jackets came about during the World War II for pilots to keep themselves warm up in the unbearable cold atmosphere in the sky. Just like the B3 Bomber jackets, this winter jacket is inspired by the days of war in the past but nothing can beat G1 jackets in terms of style and class. Perfectly balancing looks and comfort, G1 jackets have a fur-lined collar similar to the B3 bomber jackets and the fitting of the body like an A2 flight jacket which makes this ideal for the winter season as it completely protects the wearer from the harsh cold weather of winters. The best part however, is that this jacket can ensure a classy and stylish look on all sorts of occasions worn no matter wherever. These jackets are highly versatile and are the best option for the winter season.   


  G1 leather jackets for men are very easy to style like every other Men’s leather jacket with some exceptions nonetheless. One of those exceptions would be wearing a hoodie with these jackets as the hood will cover the fur lined collar and, if one decides to wear a hoodie with the hood tucked in, it would defeat the purpose of wearing a hoodie.     G1 Bomber jackets have quite the iconic design which can be easily used for assembling the perfect outfit for the day. The key to attaining the perfect outfit is by focusing on the jacket and not everything else that is to be paired with it as these jackets run the show and are the highlight. For a casual look, an all-black outfit would be perfect. A black V-neck t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black high-rise sneakers are the perfect options to make an outfit out of on a normal day for a casual vibe.    On the other hand, an all-white ensemble with a black G1 Jacket on top is not a bad idea as well. This outfit can also be worn to formal and semi-formal occasions due to the classy look it offers. A white button-down shirt, with white jeans, and low-cut white shoes is the perfect combination with a black G1 Bomber jacket as the white will draw attention with the black keeping the eyes there to stare. If not in the mood to mix things up and looking for something a bit subtle, then a brown G1 Bomber jacket with a black fur collar would look amazing with a navy blue or charcoal shirt, black skinny jeans, and black leather boots to top things off.