Everything You Need To Know About Shearling Jackets

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Shearling jackets have been around since the dawn of fashion. They were first a luxury only available to the upper-class of the society. Actors wearing shearling jackets onstage could be seen in significant roles, with the fans looking at them in awe.

The tradition of actors and celebrities wearing shearling jackets and coats has not died down till this day as we see famous Hollywood star Tom Hardy wearing shearling jackets and coats throughout his iconic movies and red-carpet appearances. In terms of female celebrities, a major name in the game, Taylor Swift is also seen on multiple occasions wearing shearling jackets and coats during her concerts. 

World War II popularized sheepskin shearling jackets and coats among the general public. Originally used by RAF and US Air Force pilots to protect themselves from harsh weather in unpressurized fighter plane cabins, these jackets revolutionized fashion and introduced a wide range of outerwear options for everyday use.

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Aviator Jackets 

During World War II, many types of shearling jackets took birth but the most iconic ones are surely the Aviator jacket . This timeless piece of fashion is an exquisite choice to be worn during the winters as this mens aviator jacket is the perfect shield in the face of cold blowing winds of the winter.

The shearling on the inside provides great insulation as it is a natural insulator which protects sheep during the winter season from harsh weather conditions.

Sheepskin or suede is typically used on the outside of these jackets as they provide great breathability and work great with shearling on the inside to preserve body heat, giving the wearer a warm hug in harsh, cold weather conditions. 


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B3 Bomber Jackets 

B3 Bomber jackets came into the world with Aviator jackets, serving the very same purpose as them as well. As time progressed ahead, so did these incredible jackets. A variant of the Bomber jackets, B3 Bomber jackets are the epitome of modern outerwear due to the style and suavity they have to offer.

Today, the characteristics of clothing that were first applied to military jackets that were given to pilots of the Air Force in the first half of the 20th century are known as “bomber” or “flight” jackets. 

As the original bomber jacket was made to keep the wearer warm in very cold weather, most modern bomber jackets have preserved many of the features that made them so popular when they first made an appearance. Usually, these jackets are made of suede, or sheepskin.

These jackets have elasticized sleeves and collar, are of midriff length, and can be shut with a zipper. For additional protection, some collars can be flipped up and tied around the neck with leather fasteners. 

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Sheepskin Shearling Jackets 

Sheepskin is a very famous leather in the world of jackets. Their versatile styles and extraordinary looks are what attract fashionistas towards them. Sheepskin jackets comprise two different types of leather: lambskin and sheepskin. Lambskin jackets are made from the skin of a lamb, which is obtained when the lamb is under two years of age, hence referred to as lambskin.

People have been wearing sheepskin jackets since the rise of society, ever since they first discovered that mammals can be both eaten and worn. Sheepskin jackets are made from the skin of sheep that are older than two years. Used for jackets in World War II, this war gear has now made a permanent place in the world of fashion and has set a permanent place for themselves.

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G1 Shearling Jackets 

G1 shearling Bomber jackets also came into being during World War II for pilots to keep themselves warm up in the unbearable cold atmosphere in the sky. Just like the B3 Bomber jackets, this winter jacket is inspired by the days of war in the past but nothing can beat G1 jackets in terms of style and class.

G1 jackets offer a perfect balance of looks and comfort with fur-lined collars similar to B3 bomber jackets and a body-hugging fit like A2 flight jackets. They are perfect for the winter season as they protect the wearer from the harsh cold weather of winters. These jackets are incredibly classy and loved by everyone. These jackets are an excellent choice for all sorts of events.  

G1 shearling jacket



Shearling jackets come in all shapes and sizes. Despite requiring extra care, they are the ideal choice for winters due to their superior style and appearance. Perfect for all occasions, shearling jackets are the absolute best for anyone looking for something to wear in the winter.

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